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Some good reasons to put your dog through a bit of training:
* It helps you bond with him/her
* It's mentally stimulating for the dog
* It help him bond with you
* It gives him a sense of belonging to a pack
* Helps improve his behavior

Dog training advice and tips

Dog Training Tips and Puppy Training Resources

Proper training for your dog it vital to a long and happy association with it.

Training your dog is something to be planned at the very earliest opportunity. We've put together what you'll, hopefully, find are some useful articles and resources on training dogs and puppies.

Training a Dog

       Dog Training Advice and Tips - Dog Training Information

Training a Puppy

             Puppy Training Articles Advice & tips on training your puppy.
        House Training Tips - Housebreak your new furry friend.  
        Puppy Playtime - Playing with your pup.
        Puppy Routine - Keeping a routine.
        Crate Training Tips - Advice for using a dog crate.
        Choosing a Dog Crate - Information on dog crates.
        Socializing Your Puppy
        Paper Training
        Jumping Puppy - Stop her from jumping up.

Dog Ownership
         Responsible Dog Ownership - Know what it takes to own a dog.        
           5 Tips for New Dog Owners
           Importance of using a Leash
           Building Confidence in your dog
           Preventing dogs and cats from fighting

General Training Advice

         Dog Obedience Training Advice
         Dog Trainning Tips
         Teach Your Dog to Sit
         Clicker Training

Dog Obedience Problems

           Dog Digging
Stop Dog Barking
           Barking Behavior
           Puppy Chewing
           Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up
           Aggressive Behavior in Your Dog

Your Dog's Health and Well Being

          Fleas and Ticks
          Treating Fleas Without Using Chemicals
          Visiting the Vet

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