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Socializing Your Puppy

Training your puppy is more than just housetraining and the basics.  Puppy socialization is a key factor in your puppy training routine.  The crucial period for puppies in this training process can range from 4 to 12 weeks of age.

  During this important time in his development, the young pup is pretty impressionable to external influences.  If its experiences are positive with people, young and old, other animals such as cats, as well as other dogs, etc., then it is likely to be open to them during his life. On the other hand, if his experience while a young pup is not pleasant, or completely absent, they may be a bit apprehensive later on.

   As part of the training for your puppy, and during his period of socialization, it is important to try and expose the dog to a wide variety of social events and situations as is possible.

     Try to keep the  socialization activities basically fun, light-hearted and pressure free. It's important not to overwhelm the young pup with too much information at once during the puppy training. Socializing ought to be a happy and positive experience that will teach the puppy that his world is a safe and happy, not scary, place.

     Training your puppy can be a rewarding experience.  Remember, a confident, well-socialized young puppy that looks to you as a leader will be a much more enjoyable and accessible training partner.

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